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I was born to a tea planters family in Assam, northeast India. Afternoons were high tea times, replete with scones, crumpets and delicate cucumber sandwiches. As a child, I was fascinated with the kitchen activities and enjoyed observing the cooks at their work, always curious to learn and ask a zillion questions. I no doubt, picked up some basic kitchen skills at an early age. In the later years, my husband and I traveled extensively around India, exploring its rich culture and cuisine. Everywhere we traveled we imbibed the local culture and cuisine. This rich experience enabled me to expand my repertoire to include dishes from all over India.During our travels we'd eat freshly caught fish at a beach shack in Goa or butter chicken and hot parathas at roadside truck stops on our way to Agra. Every new dish we ate and enjoyed became another addition to my repertoire.

I moved to the United States in 1999, launching my catering business and teaching Indian cooking classes shortly after my arrival. I believe that students learn the most by understanding the cultural context of the many regional styles of Indian cooking. To that end, I discuss the cultural and religious mores of life in India when I teach.